Discography -


Eric McFadden - "The Light Ahead"

Jenny Kerr - "Head of Fire"

THe Keller Sisters - "Hourglass Dance"

The Keller Sisters - "House Of Cards"
Richelle Andre' - "Claimer"

Eric McFadden - "Devil Moon" 

Amy Cunningham - "In Between"

Marisa Martinez - "Chicken & ABC'S

Jenny Kerr - "Extra Strength"

Jenny Kerr - "Wood & Steel"

Eric McFadden - "Train To Salvation"

Eric McFadden - "Tribute Vol. 2"

The Keller Sisters - "Shine"

Jenny Kerr Band - "Itch"

J-Bird Hosch - "Compilation"

Have a listen to any of these fine artists for examples 

of my recording, production and mixing style. 
You may also cut to the chase and check out my "Reel" on Soundcloud.

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